Hello everyone;

I am happy to be posting our 2018 Membership Rates and Early Bird Incentive!  Please check out the visual below for details.

Remember, if you pay in full by February 28, 2018, you will qualify for the following:

-$50 WHG Pro Shop Credit*

-2 WHG 18 Hole Guest Passes*

-2 WHG 18 Seats on a Power Cart with GPS/Touch Distance*

(*Total Value = $240, Pro shop credit and guest passes are not transferrable to the 2019 season)

Along with everything above, each early bird member will also be entered into an exclusive draw for a chance to win their 2018 West Hills Golf Membership!  (Draw will take place on opening day/1 winner will be drawn/prize value will equal original membership purchase price).

 Memberships will be available for purchase at our clubhouse starting on Wednesday November 29th, at 9am. We are located at 200 Summerhill Row, Fredericton, NB or call us at 450-GOLF for any additional questions/details.  We are currently open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm (closed between 12pm to 1pm daily).

Limited spaces are available!

Best Regards

Jeff Magnussen

General Manager