Good morning everyone,

As the weather/daylight hours start to change in September and October, I wanted to update/remind everyone that our 1st tee time of the day will start at 7:30am as of Monday September 10th.

As most of you are aware, the risk of frost will start to affect our start times in the near future, so we would ask all golfers that usually book first thing in the morning to start to book a little later in the day to ensure that their reservation is not cancelled.

Currently, our last tee time of the day for 18 holes is set at 4pm, while our last tee time of the day for 9 holes is set at 6pm (these times will be changing as the days get shorter).  Super twilight rates will now start at 3pm effective Saturday September 8th.

Also, I wanted to mention that our beverage cart availability will also be changing based on the weather/daylight hours.  Please remember that if our beverage cart isn’t out, please don’t hesitate to call the clubhouse and we can run something out to you with our starter or staff member when time permits.

A small number of dates with tee time/cart restrictions will be updated shortly, so please check your messages or our “Bulletin Board” on our website for the latest course information.




Jeff Magnussen

General Manager

West Hills Golf Course

506-450-4653 Clubhouse