West Hills Golf News Update
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Good morning everyone,

Annual Fall Aeration Notice: As a necessary part of our cultural program at WHG, our fall aeration program for the greens will begin on Monday, September 30th.  Our plan is to close and aerate the front 9 on Monday and reverse the process for the back 9 on Tuesday.  As you are aware, the weather plays an important role in this process, as we need a sunny dry day to complete these tasks.  We plan to start on September 30th, but will postpone/reschedule if conditions are not adequate and begin again on the following day. 

Both practice greens will be aerated on Wednesday (weather permitting) and the driving range aeration will be scheduled for later in the week after all greens are complete.

As the weather/daylight hours/maintenance schedule changes in October, I wanted to update/remind everyone that our 1st tee time of the day will start at 8:00am as of Monday, September 30th
The risk of frost is now starting to affect our start times in the morning, so we would ask all golfers that usually book first thing in the morning to start to book a little later in the day to ensure that their reservation is not cancelled.

As always, we appreciate your understanding/patience during this process.


Jeff Magnussen

General Manager

506-450-4653 Clubhouse