Good afternoon everyone,

Just a follow up to my message on Friday, I wanted to provide the following list of our updated Covid-19 protocols/golfer’s guide to WHG:   

West Hills Golf Covid-19 Protocols/Golfer’s Guide

  1. Golfers must always abide by the social distancing guidelines while on the property (2m-6ft rule).
  2. Golfers must book a tee time online or by calling the clubhouse at 450-4653. Walk-ons will not be permitted.
  3. When booking, the booker must give complete names for the other players in the group.  This complies with provincial protocol for contact tracing.
  4. Golfers will be permitted onto the property 20 minutes before their scheduled tee time.
  5. Members can check in directly with the starter (located at starter shack).
  6. Golf carts will be limited to one person per cart and one golf bag per cart unless from the same household.
  7. Maximum of 2 customers in the clubhouse at one time. The greeter/staff member will be near the clubhouse entrance to maintain this limit.
  8. Golf carts, pull carts and range balls will be disinfected before and after each use.
  9. The clubhouse washrooms (staff only) and on course washrooms will be closed and there will be a washroom provided in the parking lot located in front of the power cart building.
  10. Golfers will be asked to pick up drinks and snacks before their round or after 9 holes.  Beverage carts are currently not permitted.  Please call the clubhouse at 450-GOLF so we can have it ready for you on the turn.  We will also try to offer delivery when staff is available.
  11. On course rules – Flags must not be touched.  No rakes, no club washers, no ball washers and no garbage cans are permitted on the golf course. Specially designated garbage cans will be provided after the 9th hole and 18th hole and golfers are asked to place all garbage in the bins provided.
  12. All bunkers are considered ground under repair.  Players will be allowed to drop at the nearest point of relief outside of the bunker with no penalty.  (Golf Canada – Rule 16.1)
  13. The WHG starters and marshals will be on the golf course on a regular basis to make sure that the pace of play and all safety protocols are being followed.  Any golfer that is found not following any of the WHG safety protocols will be asked to leave the course immediately.  There will be no exceptions.
  14. After the round, all golfers will be asked to leave the property immediately to avoid social gatherings.

Driving Range Operation and Opening Hours – We have adjusted our spacing to comply with the 2m/6ft protocol which leaves us with a total of 12 spots available.  We have also created 12 waiting spots to accommodate the first come first serve approach.   Current Range hours are set at 7:30am to 7pm daily with adjustment in hours on Monday nights (closing at 5:30pm to complete clean pick) and reopening on Tuesday morning at 11am (maintenance).  Range basket size will dictate the time each golfer has at the range.  Time will be the following:   Warm-up basket (26B) = 20min, Medium basket (52B) = 40min and Large basket (78B) = 60min. 

We expect to be very busy over the next 2 weeks, so we appreciate your patience as we continue the staff training process and adapt to changes in provincial protocols.

As per our superintendent, we will be starting the season off with the Cart Path Only rule in play.

Jeff Magnussen
General Manager
West Hills Golf Course