2018 Club Championship Update

August 25th-26th


Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to provide a quick update for everyone about the upcoming club championship this weekend.

Tee times will be posted by this coming Thursday August 23rd and groupings will be decided by divisions and handicaps for the first day, while on the second day it will be by divisions and scores with the best scores going out last.  Tee times will start at 8am on both Saturday and Sunday.

The order of divisions will be as follows:

First day will be the Men’s division followed by the Senior Men then the Ladies.

Second day will be the Senior Men followed by the Ladies and then the Men.

As well, the golf course will be fully staked and marked properly for this weekend and rules sheets will be provided for each golfer with a description of where every hazard is marked and where various drop zones are located.

As previously mentioned, the deadline to sign up was Monday August 20th, so if you have not already done so, I strongly encourage anyone that is undecided to sign up today by visiting us at the clubhouse. For people that have signed up but not paid yet, we do require the entry fee to be paid as soon as possible so we can fully finalize participant numbers and applicable money for prizes. As a reminder from previous messages, the fee for the event is cash only.

Also we have received numerous questions about handicaps and what can and cannot be used. The only handicap that will be accepted is a valid Golf Canada Gold Membership handicap that is purchased, the free bronze option or other handicaps from other systems will not be accepted as they are not considered valid for tournament play.

Last but never least…I wanted to take a quick moment and thank our all of our staff members for their hard work and extra effort leading up to the club championships.  Special thanks to Stephen Pugh, Zane Cameron and Adam Fletcher for their time and effort.

If you require any additional information, please send an email with details.  Good luck to all participants this weekend!

Jeff Magnussen
General Manager
West Hills Golf Course
506-450-4653 Clubhouse